Bomb blast film for vulnerable buildings

For some government and commercial buildings, the threat of terrorist attack or bomb blast is a very real concern. In this context, our range of bomb blast film is used to minimise the shrapnel effect of flying glass, protecting staff and members of the public. It is notable that in the US Oklahoma City bombing, over 50% of injuries were the result of flying glass - which can reach high enough speeds to penetrate concrete.

Bomb blast film not only reduces the risk of injury, but also cuts down the damage done to office equipment, fixtures and fittings - lowering subsequent refurbishment costs. It is so effective because the film forms a molecular bond with the glass beneath and dramatically strengthens the integrity of the pane. It also provides an effective and non-obtrusive defence against intruders, accidents, explosions and violent weather.

Typical bomb blast film is clear and distortion free, and you can also fit solar control bomb blast combination films - which reduce glare and heat gain by up to 75%, and ultra violet radiation by up to 99%. The film is scratch resistant and easy to clean too.

Bomb blast film is usually installed from inside your building without interrupting your business. It is very cost-effective and provides an efficient alternative to ballistic or safety glass.

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