1. What is window film?

Window films are thin, multi layered optically clear films that can be retro-fitted to the surface of glass. The solar control films are usually sputter-coated with a variety of metals and alloys. The majority of them have scratch resistant coatings to allow for easy cleaning.

2. Why do we need window films?

We need window film to solve a wide range of problems associated with glazing as listed below:

  • Brings glass up to current British and European health and safety standards. i.e. it makes glass break safely, reducing the risk of injury.
  • It can reduce excessive solar heat gain by up to 75% thereby reducing air-conditioning
  • It can reduce the risk of injury from flying glass in the event of a terrorist attack.
  • Window film reduces UV Light by 99% which in turn reduces fading of fabrics and furnishings.
  • Window film can reduce glare by up to 90% creating a more comfortable working environment.
  • Window film can significantly slow an intruders progress when trying to gain access through the glazing.
  • Window film can provide one-way daytime privacy or complete 24 hour privacy.

3. Can window film be fitted by anyone?

Yes, anyone can install window film. However, the manufacturer's warranty will only be valid if the film has been fitted by an approved installer. It is also not as simple as you might think, if you want an end product that is free from dirt, dust, creases, tears and bubbles we would strongly advise that you leave it to a professional. We are a specialist company for very good reason!

4. How long does window film last?

When installed internally window film carries a ten-year warranty but will usually last at least 15 years and some times as much as 20 years.

5. Will window film stop burglars?

No. What window film will do is slow down a burglars progress to a point where they are either making too much noise or taking too long to gain access. If a burglar is determined enough, it is possible for them to get past any precautions you may have taken.

6. Will window film stop my fabrics and furniture from fading?

No. Window film will reduce the fading of your furnishings. Fading is caused by a combination of UV Light, Heat, Glare, atmospheric conditions within the room in question and poor dye anchorage. By installing clear UV Film you will stop 99% of UV Light which will in turn reduce fading by at least 50%. This figure can be improved on by using other film types that will also reduce heat and glare.

7. After Your Window Film Is Installed.

After installation trapped moisture can cause small water bubbles and/or a slightly cloudy look. This is normal and should be expected. Do not attempt to pierce a water bubble during the dry out time. Water bubbles and the cloudy look will eventually dissipate. Attempting to pierce a water bubble in an effort to drain moisture will damage your film and is not covered by the warranty.

Certain climate conditions can extend the dry-out time to as much as 30-60 days depending on the film type. While cold and non-sunny weather will lengthen this period, hot and sunny weather can shorten it considerably. Metalized films usually take a little longer than non-mettalized films. If slow drying occurs, please be patient, as the trapped moisture will dry out completely.
Do not clean the film until 30 days after installation. This will help secure proper curing of the mounting adhesive to the glass.
Most glass cleaning solutions will work well, although a good cleaning solution for window film is 2 small squirts of dishwashing soap to 1 litre of water.

A soft cloth or a clean synthetic sponge is recommended for washing the film followed by another clean soft cloth or soft rubber squeegee for drying.

To avoid scratching the film do not use any abrasive materials such as scourers or brushes. Any previously used cleaning materials may scratch the film as they are usually contaminated with dirt particles. Some brands of paper towels are coarse enough to put fine scratches in the film even though most films have protective hard-coat finish.


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