Residential window film

If you value your property, privacy and family safety, residential window film can be the best way to reduce heat and glare, improve security against crime – and keep your loved ones safe from harmful glass shards should a window smash. There’s also the added bonus that window films reduce winter heat loss and summer heat gain, thus saving on your energy bills.

Fading curtains, furnishings and upholstery can also feel the full force of ultraviolet sunrays, causing extensive fading that can be costly to repair. In this context, we’re confident we can reduce such fading by at least 50% - just by installing an almost completely clear window film. This can be improved on even further depending on your exact choice of film.

Our range of residential solar control films can also help if you’re conservatory gets too hot in summer. We’ve found that a straightforward application of this type of film to your glass or polycarbonate roof can reduce heat gain by up to 75%.

If you’re also concerned about the unwanted attention of nosey neighbours, our selection of top quality shading films will improve your privacy – and combined with anti-shatter film options can also aid the security of your home glazing too.

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