Shatter resistant safety film

In order for modern business premises to comply with current safety legislation, all glass in 'critical' locations must be impact safe. This means all internal and external doors, low-level glazing and glass partitioning must provide protection against injury from broken glass.

Our range of tough, optically clear and shatter-resistant safety film is designed to hold broken glass together and help prevent dangerous shards of glass causing injury and damage. Window film is cost-effective, causes minimal disruption and efficiently upgrades glazing to meet Health & Safety standards.

Security film cuts crime

Official crime statistics show that four out of ten burglars gain access to properties through glazing. Security film can act as a deterrent against theft and vandalism, as it strengthens glass to the point where it will hold fragments in place during repeated attack.

This effect lasts far longer than unprotected glass, therefore significantly reducing  “smash and grab” crime. By combining safety and security film with solar control film, you can also restrict any opportunist intruders’ view into your premises - providing additional security whilst reducing heat gain, glare and energy consumption.

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