Energy saving solar control film

Many of us underestimate the harmful power of the sun’s rays when it comes to the windows in your home and office. Aside from the glare created by the moving sun at various times of the day – which contributes to the fading of curtain and blind fabric - solar rays can also bring with them excessive heat that requires expensive air conditioning to control.

This is where Absolute Window Films’ solar control film can help. A thin, multi-layered piece of optically clear film that is fitted to the inside surface of existing glass, our extensive range of solar control film can block over 99% of all ultraviolet light and reject more than three quarters of the sun's heat, keeping your workplace or home cool and glare-free.

Our solar control film can be clear, metallicised, mirrored or dyed to match virtually any set of requirements or style of building, and at the same time they can improve the aesthetic and economic value of your property.

On top of all the benefits already mentioned, we can also provide insulating window film that reduces your winter heat loss by up to 30%, so you can save on both heating and cooling bills. Now that’s a double saving equation that’s hard to resist.

To find out what solar control film can do for your office or household energy bills today, book your free no-obligation consultation by calling 01189 242500. Alternatively, you can email us at



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