Additional Brush Care Tips

Cleaning properly is a good way to keep your favourite brushes usable for a long time. There are a couple of additional things you can do to ensure the health of your brushes.


Don’t load paint all the way up to the ferrule. Paint will get lodged in there and dry, separating the bristles and ruining the brush.

This is especially true for small detail brushes that have short bristles. Getting paint into the ferrule of the brush will cause the bristles to fan out and you won’t get a fine point.

Letting brushes sit in water is not only bad for the brushes, it can make the handle swell and crack and may loosen the glue in the ferrule, causing the bristles to fall out.

If you will be storing natural bristle brushes such as hog hair or sable, for a long time, make sure they are completely dry before storage. Moisture in the bristles can lead to mold.

Lay your brushes on a flat surface to dry. This prevents water from getting into the ferrule and loosening the bristles over time. It also helps to keep the bristles in their proper shape.

Gently reshape the bristles after washing and place them on a paper towel or lint free cloth. Once dry they can be stored in a jar with the bristles facing up.To learn more about Diamond Dotz visit


There are many ways to store brushes. There are cloth rolls with individual pockets for each brush, covered boxes, drawers or just plane recycled jars.

As long as the bristles have room to keep their shape anything is fine.


It is also a good idea to keep acrylic, watercolor and oil brushes separated to prevent contamination from solvents.

If the tips of your brushes have curled or become misshapen, you can try quickly dipping the tips into boiling water and reshaping. This can easily damage synthetic brushes, so dip them in boiling water for only a second or two.

Occasionally the pigment in your paint can discolor the bristles of your brushes. This is perfectly normal and will not damage your brushes or affect their use.

You can also try using a small comb or old toothbrush to gently comb the paint out of the bristles.

I hope this information was useful and helped to save a few innocent brushes and make your painting projects more enjoyable. Happy painting.



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