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iPhone Winners will Finish 에볼루션 Promotion


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After the promotion for real money players in North America opened by online casino five lucky players have been announced to have won iPhones fromApple. They are supposed to finish Caribbean에볼루promotion. The promotion also included weekly random cash draws to those hitting correct “live” hands.

‘Whitley B’ and ‘Chuck B’ from North Carolina alongside ‘David Y’ from Hawaii and ‘Bonnie F’ from Wisconsin are reported to have been among the winners of 14 iPhones.

In Caribbean Hold’em poker players compete against the dealer rather than other players.  Caribbean Hold’em poker sees “the dealer dealt two cards face down while players are dealt two showing cards. Three community cards, known as ‘the flop’, are then dealt face up with players then deciding if their five-card hand is good enough to beat that held by the dealer.

Players may call or fold at this stage but a call triggers two more community cards to be dealt face-up to bring the total number of community cards to five. Both competitors may use any of the community cards along with their hole cards to make the best five-card hand.”

America’s Game Show Network (GSN) is reported to be planning to stop broadcasting High Stakes Poker and World Poker Tour – its most popular programs. And the shows won’t come back, as the network is going in a different direction.

The World Poker Tour has been a very good partner, and the show is doing greatly on the network attracting higher-aged audience. The Network and the World Poker Tour Enterprise are continuing discussing regarding possibilities of their work together, including the probable broadcasting parts of Season VII. Even taking into consideration this fact, the Network might not get the exclusive rights to World Poker Tour.

The situation cannot but make the company explore diversifying content on multiple networks like most sports leagues.

The 2022 World Series of Poker owned by Harrah’s Entertainment is reported to be the largest and richest of its tournament’s 39 years. A record 58,720 entries were taken for the 55-event, 47-day poker tournament. The total prize pool was also a record and amounted to $180.7 million.

Eight different $10,000 buy-in events and eight different $1,500 buy-in events have also helped to the tournament field.

Players from 118 countries have managed to take part in the tournament, and they are believed to have found something for every of them.

It is not known how many participants won their seat to the WSOP 2022 in an online poker tournament because Harrah’s does not accept entry fees paid by third parties. A player must present his or her own entry to play in an event.

“We’ve accomplished what we set out to do, and we’re not taking anything for granted,” said Jeffrey Pollack, a Harrah’s vice president who serves as commissioner of the World Series of Poker. “We’re going to be even better in 2022.”

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