Try This Little Experiment – Then Back Up 5 And Punt

Still think you’ll be penalized for duplicate copy? Try this:

Start a blog. For 30 days copy and paste one paragraph from another blog, article or web site and write two paragraphs of comment about that paragraph. Use a different paragraph from different sources every time. Whenever possible, trackback to the web site you are borrowing from. This will link back to your blog and give you an inbound link. At the beginning of the 30 days, check your link popularity and search engine saturation at Check it again after 30 days. You should see an increase in your search engine saturation and an increase in your link popularity – at least at Yahoo and MSN. Try this experiment with 3 different blogs. Cut and paste articles. It won’t penalize you.

The duplicate content rule was written to keep webmasters from mirroring entire web sites, not for making it hard on people who copy/paste a paragraph here and there. The Internet is a social medium. It is designed to foster interactive communications. A certain amount of copy/paste is encouraged.

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