Where is Search Going?

For us to know the exact future of search we will have to wait and see what happens, but some things are certain to grow in popularity.

The future will undoubtedly see more advances in localized search, serving results relevant to the locality of the searcher. Is this the best way? Only time will tell, but even if this is the future, we will still see SEO, links & content dictating the results. The SEO and content will have to be in part geared towards local information such as zip codes, city names, etc, but they still will be important contributors.

We agree. Local search will become more important. It already has. But as more and more local and rural businesses start to go online and learn about Internet marketing strategies, local search will grow in popularity. That could lead to a “branching off” of economies. We could see the emergence of a new “corporate/government” Internet – already, some are working in the political realm to make this happen – and a low-speed “small business/non-profit” Internet. We’d hate to see that happen, but it is feasible and quite likely.

Links will undoubtedly contribute to rankings long into the future, but quite possibly will have a reduced role with more SEO fundamentals making a comeback. One example is to take a look at MSN Live Search. As reported by Ross Dunn in the SEO BLOG just this past weekend an algorithm update has shown increased value on fundamentals such as title tags and domain names. These two areas were once an incredibly powerful tool in obtaining rankings, and had reduced in value. Now, at least in MSN, they are gaining ground once again.

This is likely due to the re-emergence of Ask as a player in the search engine wars. Ask has not overtaken any of the Big 3 yet, but MSN, being the laggard, could be concerned that it will. Ask has always, and will continue, to place importance on the title and meta tags, as they should. Hopefully, Ask will become a competitor again and force Google to do the same.

Still in its infant stages, Mobile Search is growing as more and more people turn to their cell phones and other mobile devices for search. Mobile search will likely have the most benefit for localized type searching. People looking for an address, weather report, local business, entertainment information, etc. As time goes on the number of users using Mobile Search will continue to grow, and optimized sites will be the ones found by these searchers. A whole new level of optimizing mobile websites will likely emerge.

In 10 years time search will certainly look very different. While it has become a staple in the lives of millions, in the big scheme of things the internet is still very young and search even younger.

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