Why SEO will always be important

SEO will always play an important role in having sites found in the search engines. Regardless of how search algorithms evolve they will always require a level of on site content in order to correctly rank websites. As long as this content is considered, proper keyword placement and frequencies will play a role.

Not necessarily. Considering the nature of RSS and social bookmarking, on site content is becoming more and more subjective. It is possible that cooperative publishing will gain in popularity, giving multiple web sites access to the same information without the adjunct of unique content. If that happens, search engines will likely comply with the demand. The challenge will be in maintaining control over spam, duplicate content issues and bot-thieves stealing content they are not entitled to.

SEO in itself will continue to change. The proper frequencies of keyword placement, linking techniques and URL structure may alter, but will always have an impact.


As we move into the future and as the search engine algorithms continue to evolve SEO will always play an important role in having your websites obtain top rankings. While the small things will always change it is important to have the basic fundamentals in place and doing so will help sustain consistent rankings into the future.

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Scott Van Achte is the Senior SEO at StepForth Search Engine Placement. Several years ago after graduating from Camoson College with a Diploma in Computer Systems Technology, Scott joined the team at StepForth and began his SEO career. When he is not busy with work he can be found out at the golf course, fishing, or simply spending quality time with his wife Lyndsay..

We think what will probably change the most is the business model upon which SEO will be based. Until now, it’s largely been based on information. Webmasters have learned to capitalize on the publishing of information, unanimously coined “content.” But as e-commerce continues to proliferate, content will become less and less definable. SEO will have to adapt to the framework of virtual capitalism. Owning online real estate will some day be as lucrative as buying and selling commercial office space.

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